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About Us

Who We Are

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Next Gen Paintball

We are here to lift the Next generation of paintballers and allow a platform to showcase their talents. We wanted to keep players in their own age groups quite like other sports and, we want players of all ages to enjoy themselves as much as possible, this is why we will also run higher divisional play to accommodate all levels and ages!

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Jamie Conley


My passion for sports is unmatched. I'm a highly competitive person and love to mentor the next generation of players from skateboarding to paintball

Promoter/ Team leader

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JT Inman

Consultant/ Coach

JT is what I go by. My full name is Justin Thomas Inman. I'm a Husband, Father, teammate, and a Coach. Paintball is an irreplaceable staple in my life. It has been since I started 25 years ago at the age of 15. I Played my first game against my cousin Brandon Brown, who tree-walked his way within 10 feet of me my first time in the woods behind my grandma's house. I was hooked instantly; I didn't want to stop. My father finished out the day with me till dark. The sport has evolved into many things along the way. In my younger years, it was solely about proving something to myself. I had a natural aptitude for paintball. But in the chase of proving myself and honing my skills, discipline, dedication, loyalty, and integrity were quickly becoming a REQUIRED part of my skillset due to me being driven to be the best I could be. In the beginning. I learned very quickly the insurmountable and soul-changing experience it is to be a part of helping others to unlock the hidden potential within themselves. I’ve been extremely fortunate and had the opportunity to start coaching at a very young age. I was 17 when I started running the practices/drills for my first team Kaos. With me being the youngest member of the team and most of my team having families of their own, it was a requirement that the practices be efficient. My goal now is to help others' skill sets get to a point where they can beat me 10 times out of 10. Another of my goals is to pass along integrity and how it is an integral part of playing any game, even life. Without it, all things are hollow and meaningless. If you cheat to win, you have nothing but a haunting memory of your lesser self. I truly love this game and the family I have forged within it. At the start of that 10 seconds before a game and every game thereafter, your character and heart are on full display for everyone, namely you, to see. You are constantly reminded of what you are within your actions. Let them see you; let them remember. If you are reading this and never played paintball, try it. If you are interested in checking it out, hit Jamie or myself up. Xtreme Paintball Park is our home field, and I welcome you to check it out.

Drills iinstructor

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Jacob Ronzo

Coach / Ultimate referee

My name is Jacob Ronzo. born and raised in the St. Louis area. I’m 26 years old. I have been playing paintball competitively since 2015. I started my journey on St. Louis hustles D4 program, moved on to play for the goodbye horses, then was a part and original member of phenomenon. After that a couple of stints guesting on different rosters such as Plumlife, I am currently the head coach of Prime Suspects current D5 (D4 next year) team. My hobbies include spending time with my wonderful girlfriend, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family. Outside of paintball I currently work for a bar as well as being a scare actor during the month of October.

Ultimate referee

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Evan Binz

Instructor / referee

Evan has been around paintball for some time and at only 20 years old has commanded respect amongst fellow paintballers. Evan will be one of the head referees and Instructors for our program.

Instructor / Referee

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Richy Burroughs

Consultant / Coach


Instructor / Coach

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