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  • Where can i learn more online?
    Great question! there is an overwhelming amount of Youtube videos. Equipment and Gear: A notable page is Lone Wolf Pb has a ton of great videos from how to load pods to what is the best equipment set up for me. these are generally fun videos with lots of great info. Playing the Game: this is where your taste buds come in. matt the gym rat has some really good content and a lot of followers, while others like Play the game podcast (PTG) and the Spick n Span show pros will dissect the game in more of a monday quarterback setting with interviews and information. Movies/ Documentaries: Must watch list for most is on Youtube. Push Cereal Killerz Sunday Drivers Hero's for a day Best kids in Texas Fifteen Do better
  • Where do i go to buy paintball equipment and gear?
    Always give the search engine your local search. " paintball stores near ( your city )" shopping local is the best option. we are lucky in the St. Louis area to have Joe from paintball Outfitters in shiloh, IL. There are sites that are reputable trusted sites like to shop from. There are also B/S/T (buy/sell/trade) pages on facebook, but until you get a better understanding of markers and equipment i would stay away from these. And your local field most times has a pro shop.
  • What gear fits younger average sized players best?
    as far as going through all gear, your best bet is to head over to the local paintball shop and or size yourself via a local player at the field. Here is my best crack at it. Mask: Dye made a i4/i5 that seems to fit young players well. you also have the trusty JT proflex and Proflex X Podpacks: i have had great luck with 2 brands on smaller players. Bunkerkings and Virtue. Both have long hook and loop belts ( zelcrow ) Pants: For the most part i am a big fan of joggers. these fit like sweatpants, are light weight and give good protection. Shoes: Any old baseball or football cleats will work. something with ankle support.
  • What type of gear should i buy?
    Another common question. this again is answered by your taste buds. do you want to just play open play, big game or play tournament style paintball in xball or mechanical. below are some suggestions. new / young players: Markers/Paintball gun: I always feel like these types of players should start small and with something they cannot mess up. like a planet eclipse Emek (mechanical around $275) or Etha3 (electronic around $400). GOG also makes and Enmy marker (mechanical around $200) that doesn't break the bank. Hoppers: these hold the paintballs, generally 200 rounds. some are gravity fed while others have components to feed the balls as needed. they come in different styles and shapes. make no mistake this is the second best investment to play you will make. a not so good hopper can ruin your day on the field. Mask: This is by far the best investment in the game. all major brands go through rigorous testing to provide safe use and key features like breathability, how your voice carries across the field. anti-fogging lenses etc etc. My personal favorite is the Jt proflex, these are fully customizable to your liking and come in all colors. they're basically adult legos. lol there are others like Dye, Carbon, and Push masks that again pending your own taste buds, but do not cheap out on a mask you will regret it and waste your money... Air systems/ tanks: many to choose from, i would say startig out pending the size of the player and how much they play. a steel/aluminum 48ci (cubic inch) 3000psi is a standard start. once you get more involved and want a better option, kids should get a 48/50 ci 4500 psi tank while adults generally go for the 68/77 ci 4500 psi. more cubic inch the more shots you get. notable small tanks are Ninja brands while in a good better best scenario, Immortal Air tanks are up there with the best of them pods/ packs: These carry your extra paint on the field. while some stand out more than others, when young players first start playing you just need the paint sometimes. Whatever works in this situation. These to comoe in different colors and styles. HK army, Dye, Carbon etc etc.
  • What is a good age to start playing paintball?
    This is a really hard question to answer. my best guess is to say you know you player best and if they're ready. just get them out to try it out. paintball offers many different aspects from low impact to 68 caliber paintballs. as far as age ive seen 8 year old play open play and big games with an adult or mentor to help guide them, but 10-12 years old seems to be the best as their bodies have somewhat developed. Places like xtreme paintball park also host a youth summer camp which is a lot of fun and very informative. check them out at I will say this YOU ARE NEVER TO OLD TO START PLAYING!
  • What is x-ball? mechanical?
    These are different formats to the game. XBALL is a common tournament style game. its fast paced and a lot of paint being shot. you might find a lot of these videos on Youtube or Instagram. An electronic marker capped at 10.5 balls per second is generally used, this is a much higher rate of fire play style. these are played on either grass or turf with a different layout due to using airup bunkers. Mechanical or Mech is generally played in the woods, a mounds field ( piles of dirt ) or hyperball ( black tubing ) and is a tribute to old skool paintball. players in the 90s came out of the woods with a manicured field and personal layout to compete with what then was faster shooting markers and higher end equipment like Autocockers, Angels and Automags. no electronic markers are used in true mechanical. example of a mechanical marker is pull the trigger and 1 ball comes out.
  • Can i go watch before trying to play?
    Yes, most all fields have a spectator area to watch matches. this also gives an opportunity to interact with the players.
  • What should i wear the first time playing?
    If you're heading out with a group for the first time, chances are you will be in the woods or scenario fields. camo and a couple layers of clothing should do the trick. Although, you want to be comfortable and able to move. Most people do not understand that paintball is for everyone and everyone has their own style and style of play. Wear what you are most comfortable in to move, jump, slide and dive in. When you get more involved this is where the pants/ jerseys and outfits from your local store or favorite online shop come into play. these guys may also even sponsor your team and direct you into some custom wear. Footwear: Something comfortable. Old baseball/ football cleats do the trick for most everyone. you just need a little ankle support.
  • How much does it cost to play?
    This is really a loaded question, but a good one. most people just getting interested in the sport or have tried it at a birthday or bachelor party have no idea on where to begin. so, listed below is my best shot at answering that question. Have your own gear and just looking for a place to play? answer: check out your local field or get over to facebook from some area groups. Locally we have STL Paintball facebook groups. Most parks offer $10 entry plus paint pricing which ranges from $40-65 a case. ( case contains 2000 rounds ) and even sell paint by the 500 round bag. Want to just try it out before spending money on equipment? no problem! answer: All parks offer the "rental package" this is designed for the type of player that wants to dip their toe in the water before heading over to their local store and spending money. Rental packages all shape differently but most standard are included to get you on the field. Rental packages come with paintball marker, hopper, tank, mask and 500 rounds of paint! Can i upgrade my rental package at the local field? answer: Yes, all parks offer upgraded markers, chest protectors, pod packs ( holds extra paint ) and gloves at a small price!
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